Opportunity Knocking…

About a year ago, I met a fellow testicular cancer survivor through my turningthirty.org website. Turns out, he lives in Macon, GA, about an hour and a half south of Atlanta. Fast forward to last month, and I find myself writing a song and performing it for an event he put together. His name is Lee Perdue, and he started an organization called Youth Leadership Bibb County – a program for really sharp 10th-12th graders. He asked if I would write and perform a song at their graduation event. He wrote the lyrics and I wrote the music, and I donned a tux and drove down to Macon to perform it. He was very pleased with the song and the performance, and I had a fantastic time. The song is called “For Such a Night as This.”

A few weeks later, I get an email from Lee, and it turns out that he has three different people who are interested in talking to me. Two of them are interested in discussing putting on a Turning Thirty show, and one is the marketing director at channel 13 WMAZ, the CBS station in Macon, who is interested in having me do a few voice tracks for the station. Calandra Wright, the anchor for the station’s weekday news program, was the MC for the graduation who I had the pleasure to meet.

So I’m excited to see where these three potential opportunities lead.

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  1. Tom… Although “For Such A Night As This” was written for our 2005 Youth Leadership Bibb County (YLBC) graduation, the song has been warmly embraced by our 300+ alumni population. It has been shared via email and through this website with countless of our talented and gifted YLBC graduates throughout this country and the world. Please know that you will always be an integral part of the YLBC family.

  2. That is a very pretty song…it is cool that you did that!

    Plus you look pretty darn good in a Tux too! 😉

    You are a very talented man and I am proud to say I am your friend!

    Its funny I had read through all of these after you updated your site and some how missed that song!

    You Rock! te

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