‘Sing It Out’ forwarded to producer

I subscribe to a service called “Taxi” where independent musicians can submit songs to listings from the music industry. People in the industry listen to and critique your songs, then decide whether it’s good enough to forward to the producer or publisher who requested it. Well, I recently had the song “Sing It Out” forwarded to the producer for this listing:

POP POWER BALLADS a la Christina Aguilera’s Beautiful, Mariah Carey, etc. needed by very successful European Producer who is working with a new female artist in Nashville. Songs must have incredible hooks and really showcase vocal talent. Please submit one to three songs online or per CD/cassette. All submissions will be screened and critiqued by TAXI and must be received no later than May 20, 2005.

The TAXI listener had the following comments:

“A well-written ballad with good emotional dynamics and solid transitions between sections.”

“An outstanding lyric! Excellent use of imagery to communicate your powerful message. Vocal is just right.”

“Tom, this is a very strong gospel-tinged ballad with a first-rate lyric and solid melody. I am happy to forward this.”

“This big ballad has the kind of gospel-flavored hook and big dynamic build that would ‘showcase vocal talent’ as asked for in the listing.”

So now I wait. With any luck, I will hear from the producer and work out a deal. If not, I will continue to submit songs. This past year I submitted twelve times and this was the second time one was forwarded. Unfortunately, I never heard from the publisher for the last one which was forwarded, “Tom’s Boogie.” But that means I’m hitting about 17%. I believe one of these days, if I stay persistent, I will hear a song of mine on the radio or in a movie or TV show as a result of TAXI.

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