Publishing Contract

I am happy to report that I have officially been offered a publishing contract with The Music Library in Studio City, CA. It’s for two songs: Rescue Me and You Are My Storm. The Music Library is a small, but expanding boutique shop. I am currently going through paperwork, copyright registrations, and in general getting questions answered about all the legal and logistical aspects of music publishing.

I have had a number of other forwards from Taxi, but this one has actually resulted in a deal. Hopefully I will show up on Taxi’s website soon under the Member’s Deals section! I also noticed that for songwriter’s associations such as NSAI – Nashville Songwriters Association International, this deal officially bumps me from an “associate” membership to an “active” membership, which is where you have at least one song contractually assigned to a music publisher. Hopefully someday I will qualify for a full blown “professional” membership.

So I’m excited about the possibilities, and I’ll keep you posted as this progresses.

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