I have had the honor of performing at both of the American Cancer Society’s Celebration on the Hill events. Later, I was approached by ACS to write a song for a music video about the event. I happily took on the assignment, and you can watch the music video here. Since the release of this video by ACS out to Relay for Life volunteers nationwide, I have been contacted by many people from New York to Washington and even Alaska hoping to get a copy of the song. I am thrilled with the response, and wanted to make this freely available for you to download.

Download “Celebrate”
Lyrics and Info

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  1. The song is so fitting to the video I instantly fell in love with it. Can’t wait to hear you sing it in person! Thank you!

  2. this song is so touching to all who have been touched cancer. You hit it all on the head thank you for sharing your talents with us

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