New Song – Wrong Side Of The Door

No matter how good things are, I think it’s human nature to wonder if they could be better somewhere else. Interestingly enough, it was my dog that drove home this concept for me and was the inspiration for the title of this song. I’d sit on my front porch and watch my dog stare out the front door screen, nose almost touching it as if she just couldn’t get close enough. I’d get up and let her out, and seconds later, she’d be doing the same thing from the other side of the door, standing outside staring in through the screen. This little game would repeat itself incessantly, if I’d let it. It seemed a perfect metaphor for how I would often view things in my own life, so I decided to write this song. When I sat down to arrange and record it, I think it developed a bit of a Randy Newman vibe, which seems very appropriate to me.

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