Coast to Coast

I’m long overdue to post some information about the experiences I had performing at two different Relay for Life events, one in Port St. Joe, Florida, and the other in Moses Lake, Washington. Being on opposite ends of the country led to the catch phrase “Coast to Coast”. More on this later…

It all started when my good friend Scott Baker invited me to perform at the Relay for Life in Port St. Joe. He helped arrange for me to stay at a townhouse on the beach in Cape San Blas, and together we helped to raise money in honor of our classmate, Jeanne Bailey, who had recently lost her battle with breast cancer. Scott posted some videos of my performance on YouTube. My whole family had a terrific time, and the Relay was powerful and fun. Many thanks to Scott and his family for being such terrific hosts and to Thom Baird for allowing us to stay in his lovely beach home. A special thank you to all of our classmates who gave so generously in honor of Jeanne. Jeanne, we miss you.

After I mentioned that Relay here in my blog, Terry Moore from Moses Lake contacted me. She had gotten a copy of my song Celebrate a while back, but when she realized I performed at the Relay in Florida, she asked if I would do so in Moses Lake as well. It was the 20th anniversary of the Relay for Life in Moses Lake. I gladly accepted, and soon found myself on a plane to Spokane followed by a drive to Moses Lake. I performed both that night during the Luminaria ceremony as well as the next morning. Terry and Donna Anderson, pictured here, have become terrific friends and fans. In fact, Terry has now earned the title of “President” of my newly formed “Northwest Fan Club.” Be sure to check out Terry’s MySpace page and the Official Tom Willner Northwest Fan Club MySpace page also known as Tom Willner Coast to Coast (told you I would get to the birth of that phrase later). She has also posted a custom video on about the event using the song Celebrate.

It is an honor for me to perform at the Relay for Life, which raises money to help those battling cancer. I am grateful to my new friends in Florida and Washington, and welcome the opportunity to perform at any of these events across the country.

0 thoughts on “Coast to Coast

  1. We think you Rock too Tom and thanks for being such a great friend and “Boss”! Look forward to working with you more in the future!


  2. Tom,
    Thanks for spreading the word about SharingHope.TV. As soon as you have another music video we are happy to feature you again on SH.TV.

  3. If I would have clicked on the picture first I wouldn’t have had to ask…Red Stripe really is your favorite…nice shirt! 😉

    Enjoy your vacation!

  4. Tom,

    If you can come back next year…mark the calendar, May 29 & 30, we will get you lakefront accommodations you don’t have a problem with a 2 room tent do you, deluxe family accomodations…it is after all Relay! 😉

    But I do have lake access with a great view, dock and all ammenties, (kitchen, shower,fireplace, BBQ etc.), remember I work at the Taj Mahal of office buildings, and a friend who would give you the boat ride of a lifetime…can you say Tidal Wave!

    Only the best for our favorite Relay Rock Star…

    You are so awesome…thanks for all you do for our relay and being such a great friend!

    “All Fruits Ripe”


  5. Coast to Coast is official…We have the jackets to prove it…hope you like yours! It’s all about “IPTA Baby!”

    All Fruits Ripe!

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