New Song – All Fruits Ripe

Last year I got to vacation in Montego Bay, Jamaica. It was a wonderfully fun and relaxing experience, and I could feel a reggae tune brewing. One day, while looking through the books and magazines in the gift shop, I found a book of Jamaican phrases. I picked it up, opened it to a random page, and my eyes went straight to the phrase “All fruits ripe” which means “Everything is just great. All is good.” I immediately knew I had discovered the title of my yet to be written song. The phrase summed up exactly how I felt, and I spent the next few nights out on the balcony drinking Red Stripe and writing this song.

Interesting side note – the cover of my CD “Rescue Me” is a picture I took while in Jamaica.

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0 thoughts on “New Song – All Fruits Ripe

  1. Awesome! My new theme song for “Twisted Lemonades” on the deck at Michael’s on the Lake…care to join us?

    The new website looks fabulous and thank you for allowing me to be your friend and NW Fan Club President!

    All Fruits Ripe!

  2. Irie! Really enjoyed listening to this song. It broght up memories from visiting Jamaica several years ago. Thanks for the memories! —Big up-nuff respect!

  3. I am honored to know the president of your fan club. She is passionate to get us hooked up with your music. Thats not hard. Love the song… takes you to a place thats hot,fun,relaxing…My vote…a whole CD of more, and a workout CD. Just do it. LOTS OF LOVE FROM MOSES LAKE WASHINGTON…

  4. Great song. Your NW Fan Club President referred me and she was right, you got the groove man! Peace, love and all fruits ripe!

  5. Terry said I should check you out…right on!

    Tropical, Hawaiin theme, Bob Marley!! It’s good music!!!

    It fits!

  6. it’s a great song, you are a talented young man, I think I will have a drink and listen to it again

    Ann S

  7. Terry was playing this song it is so cool she told me to check out your website. Looks nice!

    Told her we should be somewhere cool sipping fruity drinks!

    Also you did a great job at the relay here! Thank you for coming!

  8. sorry I didn’t get to hear you at the relay, but I am visiting my aunt and she had me listen to this song, it is really great, you have talent! She is is getting me your cd . thaks for the great music!

  9. Terry sent me the link to your page and this song is perfect for these hot summer days while we are on the river.

    Good job! Can’t wait to hear more.

  10. I was visiting with your Fan Club President and she hooked me with “the song” as she calls it, All Fruits Ripe. Had to buy the CD and check out your website and story. WOW!

    Love If Women Ruled the World too!


  11. honeymooned in jamacia last year and what I nice reminder.Only thing missing is the guys waiting on me! Thanks for bring back the memories!

  12. That is a cool laid back song to drive too and makes me want a margarita. Not at the same time of course. 🙂

    Thanks for using the picture I took of you and the bad girls, did you get my permission even though it was Terry’s camera? Just kidding!

    Thanks for performing at Relay you were awesome!

  13. Thanks everyone for the great comments. So cool to hear from so many of my Northwest crew. Roosevelt – thanks for adding some authentic Jamaican to the mix.

  14. Like Almost everyone else on here, Terry the trouble maker kept telling me to come check out your site and listen to your music, its great. Can’t wait to hear the end results of Retail Therpy.

    Brandie Calloway

  15. WOW I just brought 2 of the CD’s thru a fan club memeber I love them. your are awesome.And your new song is great.Aunt Dougnut sent me the website told it was good… she was right

  16. Can’t wait til the “Release” on Monday…We will Rock Michael’s and you will be speechless when we call…we will send you a ‘sneak peek pic’ before!

    Does it get any better than that…only if you guys could join us!

    Thanks for Rockin’ our world!

    From your “favorite” NW Coast to Coast Fan Club

    I do expect an aHa though! 😉 te

  17. Terry listens to your Cd at work all the time and so I had to buy one.

    I love Reggae and Blues and listened to your new song, very nice I hope you do a CD of Reggae.

    thank you,

  18. Great song! I am Terry’s friend from Missouri, we went to high school together. I really like your songs. Keep up the good work and God bless you.


  19. Don – great idea. Every so often another reggae tune comes out. At some point, maybe I’ll put them all together on one CD.

    Lori – thanks, and thanks for signing up for the email list!

  20. to was great you could join us ( at least by phone and web cam) for the release of the drink, pretty good drink. cann’t w ait for the next song. Al and donna

  21. OMG that was so awesome that we were able to do the webcam and it was nice chatting with you! All Fruits Ripe has most definitely replaced Twisted Lemonade! We’ll have to talk again soon…lots of ideas have been forming! Hope you sent my note to work cause I believe I need to be up in 2 1/2 hours! Oh well the pain I suffer later today is well worth the fun…All Fruits Ripe & Life Is Good! I will reciprocate the next time you are in town I will have the fun and you the hangover! 😉


  22. You’re awesome….it will all work out in the end so don’t stress….want to borrow my “patience my ass” necklace…I’ve already rubbed a hole in the middle 😉

    Thanks for the chat and advise…hope I helped you too.

    Take care and I am thinking only stress free thoughts for you…but could you…just kidding!


  23. Heard this song the other day…it is so cool. It just sticks with you am definitely adding it to my iPod!

    Going to have to try the drink too!

    You are a very talented musician!

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