Waymo Music

So once again, through the Taxi service, I had two songs forwarded, this time to Waymo Music for use in a Feature Documentary. The cool news is, the music supervisor for the documentary screened the material himself, so I’m guessing the chance of placement in this one is better than normal. In the listing they said this:

“Lyrically, he is primarily looking for songs that have positive messages and songs about change. He is really wanting to find poignant, emotional material for this film.”

The two songs they picked were No Time Like Now, and Sing It Out. Wish me luck!

0 thoughts on “Waymo Music

  1. That is awesome Tom! Two of my favorites!

    I am excited for you and will think only good thoughts…Good Things come to those who wait!

    “IPTA” 😉

  2. This is so cool. I am happy and excited for you.Wow and we knew you when you played in small Moses Lake.We are sending good vibes your way that everything works out!

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