New Song – Rain (Live)

This month I’m releasing a free MP3 download of the song Rain performed live with the band Urban Blue at Eddie’s Attic. This is a preview of a new live CD I’m releasing called “Live At Eddie’s” by Tom Willner and Urban Blue. (Actually, it’s already available at CDBaby if you’d like an “advance” copy! All the songs on the CD were recorded from two shows at Eddie’s Attic. I haven’t posted all the songs here on my site yet, but plan to do so after my Turning Thirty show for the live CD’s official release.

I’d like to give a special thanks to the multi-talented Lee Hansen, who not only plays saxophone and sings on this recording, but came up with most of the arrangement ideas that makes this live version special. I hope you enjoy it!

Download “Rain (Live)”
Pick up an advanced copy of “Live at Eddie’s” from CDBaby

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