My Podcast Now On iTunes

Attention all iPod owners: you no longer have to go through all the messy trouble of downloading my new songs from my website and importing it into iTunes. Just subscribe to my podcast on iTunes, and like magic, all the exciting sounds will just appear in your music library and ultimately on your iPod. I can almost imagine the electrons traveling over thousands of miles of internet cabling from Apple’s data centers to your computer, gently placing all the ones and zeros in the precise order required on your hard drive to digitally reproduce the sounds that originated in my head. And when you connect your iPod to your computer, more electrons spring into action, speeding down the twists and turns of the USB cable into your iPod where they once again faithfully copy all the ones and zeros there so you can carry them with you wherever you go. Ain’t technology grand?

So move your hand as quickly as you can over to that mouse and get busy subscribing by clicking here: the tom willner podcast on iTunes. Last month I suggested that we all need more stuff. Well now you can get more stuff more easily.

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