Imagine yourself as a member of an elite group of people from across the globe sharing a common purpose. Envision a place where you utilize cutting edge technology to express your message to the world. Feel the power only you posess to become one of the few, the proud, the important, and come sign my new guestbook.

Yes, what was once available only on countless other websites is now available on mine. Thanks to the magic of Slide, you can stick a virtual pin in my google map, and post a message and your photo. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and sign my guestbook right now! Don’t worry, I’ll wait here, and you can finish reading me after you’re done. Done? Great. Thanks.

What’s interesting about this guestbook, is that I was able to post it on tomwillner.com, turningthirty.org, and my MySpace profile (which, by the way, you should go check out, because I’ve just redesigned it, and well, I need your help to make sure it doesn’t suck). So anyway, the guestbook is actually a service from Slide.com. Which got me thinking: I use a whole lot of different services on the web, and it would be interesting to share with you just how many I use to make up the magic that is the Tom Willner Online Experience. Here goes:

MySpace, Facebook, Blogger, Delicious, iLike, Slide, PayPal, Payloadz, CDBaby, iTunes, Taxi, Broadjam, Sonicbids, Audiosparx, StockMusicSite, Amazon, YouTube, Eventful, Eventbrite, Widgetbox, Springwidgets, Myxer, Feedburner, YourMailingListProvider, AddThis, Flickr, Disqus, CafePress, DownloadUplift, Sharinghope.tv, 1and1, LinkedIn, Plaxo, and Google. That’s 34 different online services, all intricately and seamlessly integrated to provide you with virtually limitless ways to interact with yours truly. A massive jumble of socially networked Willnerdom. See you out on the facespace.

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