New Song – It Would Be Nice To Know

Jazz. This new tune is straight up jazz. It’s called It Would Be Nice To Know, and I co-wrote this one with friend Ed Scheiblin who I previously collaborated with on the song I Could Always Make Her Laugh. Ed came to me with these lyrics telling me he had Ol’ Blue Eyes Frank Sinatra in mind. So I wanted to give it a melody and vibe in the vien of those classic jazz vocal songs. I love this style; I’m a fan of Sinatra, Diana Krall, and so many other jazz singers and musicians whose talent far exceeds my own. I only hope I did it justice.

For the arrangement and recording, I reached out to my friend Lee Hansen, an incredibly talented musician with whom I play in the band Urban Blue. I asked him to do his magic on the sax and he delivered. It was fun too, because we did it entirely over the internet. Thanks Lee, and thanks Ed. Enjoy.

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