Turning Thirty DVD and CD Giveaway

I laughed. I cried. I’ll see it again and again. Of course, I’m talking about “Turning Thirty, The Musical – Live Debut Performance” because now you can do just that. The DVDs and CDs of the debut performance of my musical about my experience with cancer have arrived. I don’t have them completely available online yet, but if you’d like to get an advanced copy I have several options for you:

1) Sign up for my email list by April 15th . One lucky person from the list who signs up between now and then will receive either a DVD or a CD – winner’s choice.
2) If you are already on my email list, do nothing! I will also select one lucky person from my existing members to receive a DVD or CD.
3) Order one directly from me . DVDs are $12 and CDs are $10 (both for $20). I will send you them myself.

But wait there’s more – proceeds from the sales of this DVD and CD will benefit the American Cancer Society Relay For Life! So if you purchase one, you will also be supporting a great cause – fighting cancer – the reason the musical exists in the first place.

There’s a limited supply, so act quickly! Of course, if I’m fortunate enough that demand exceeds supply, have no fear; like with Doritos, we’ll make more. It may just take a little longer for you to receive your copy.

Many thanks to Andy Huff for all his video work, Mary Diers for her wonderful design work, and Wally Buckner for his DVD and duplication work. The performance was October 25, 2008, so it took a lot of work over five months to churn out the finished CD and DVD of the show. Also, the show was only possible thanks to the time and efforts of so many people who volunteered – over 20 at my last count. As something I’ve been wanting to make happen for over eight years, this is quite a happy moment for me.

Plus, stay tuned, as soon tickets will go on sale for the next live performance on May 2nd of Turning Thirty, The Musical…

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  1. I love watching this performance whenever I need a little inspiration (or a lot!) I can't thank you enough for sharing your story, inviting us to the debut and the positive attitude you have for life! You are an amazing person who always makes lemonade when life gives you lemons! (Free lemons right?) 😀

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