Radio Interview on KDRM 99.3

When I was out in Moses Lake, WA with the whole Urban Blue band last month performing at Michael’s Market and Bistro and the Pillar Rock Grill for the Relay for Life fundraiser, I got a call from Dale Roth, DJ from KDRM 99.3 FM. We had met and hung out at the last two Relay for Life events there, and Dale is a great, fun guy. Well, he did an interview of me over the phone and played “All Fruits Ripe” on his show. Many thanks, Dale!

He recently was kind enough to send me a recording of that interview, so I wanted to share it with you.

Listen/download KDRM FM Interview

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  1. …Dale made me cry when he did that…it was like the icing on the cake!! It all was a huge accomplishment in my life! Thanks for being a part of it!

  2. I had someone come up to me just last week saying how cool this interview was. The whole trip was such a blast. I can't thank you and Dale enough!

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