Paris Music Video

I just got back from a trip overseas, where I got to spend a few days in Paris. I couldn’t help but to take videos and photos using my digital camera and cell phone to make a totally awesome low-budget music video for my new song “Paris,” the closing song on my new CD “All Fruits Ripe.” Click the pic above to view it on YouTube or here to download. 

For my fellow geeks out there, I used a small Pentax Optio digital camera and an HTC Android cell phone. I put together the video using Microsoft MovieMaker. And for the curious, my daughter took the video of me walking in front of the Louvre. 

The song “Paris” was a collaborative songwriting effort with co-writers Ed Scheiblin and Ben Wakeman, and is available for download here (shameless plug).


0 thoughts on “Paris Music Video

  1. You did a wonderful job with the video, I love it!

    It catches every essence of the song…your artistic talents see what is in your heart!

    Even Don was blown away when I showed it to him, "what a cool way to treasure his memories of his vacation!"

    I think this is my favorite by far…thanks to you, Ben & Ed for sharing your gift with us!!

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