I Want I Want I Want

Lately, I find myself suffering from GAS, or “Gear Acquisition Syndrome.” It’s an affliction that most musicians suffer from, and I am not immune myself. I’m obsessing a bit over my latest toy discovery, so much so that I even stepped foot in my current local music store of choice, Sam Ash Music, to see if I could try it out. Alas, the only one in the store was still sealed in the box, and they were hesitant to open it just for me to try. But without further ado, permit me to geek out:

Oooooh. The Voicelive Touch. If you believe the marketing, it’s like the ultimate guitar pedal board, but for your voice. And it works with keyboards, too. What does it do, you ask? Why, it automatically adjusts to give your voice the best sound; adds reverb, delay, and other effects; adds realistic sounding harmonies; corrects pitch; and does loops. All that, and it slips onto your mic stand, and has a simple touch interface.

I currently bring a small mixer with reverb with me when I perform live, but this would be just too much fun.

To give you an idea of what this thing can do, just check out this video of the incredibly talented Laura Clapp, demonstrating the Voicelive Touch with a keyboard.

Don’t you think I should have one of these? I already hear new, cool live versions of All Fruits Ripe and Little Miss Magic in the works…

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