“Turning Thirty" is a truly wonderful and unique program that brings the patient experience to life in a way that is both impactful and unforgettable. I first saw “Turning Thirty” at the World Congress on Continuing Professional Development and, along with the rest of the audience, was spellbound. People were crying and laughing, sometimes both at once. As we move on the path to value-based care, the Turning Thirty lessons become even more important. Everyone should see "Turning Thirty."
Pamela Peters
PhD, Director, Quality and Strategy, Medscape Education
Tom Willner delivered a creative learning experience for my graduate level students in public health at Emory University. He was able to design a delivery model that met my two goals; to provide students an appreciation of the stressors facing families and caregivers during a health crises, and to demonstrate innovative ways of providing health education. Through the use of a musical, Tom enabled my adult learners to internalize the patient and caregiver experience in a way that traditional learning could not, and to better articulate their potential role as public health professionals in addressing these issues. In addition to being a joy to work with, Tom’s designer approach to meeting his client’s needs was much appreciated, and I will definitely work with him again in the near future.
Linelle Blais, PhD
Executive Director, Emory Centers for Training and Technical Assistance;
Associate Professor, Behavioral Science & Health Education; Emory University
Tom was the moderator for our Digital Panel Luncheon hosted by the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA). The panel consisted of three leaders within technology from the Atlanta area. Tom’s engaging style was very well received by our luncheon attendees. He was able to tee up the content and create a great flow while working through the questions and responding to the member’s answers. We received great feedback from the members of our association who have requested Tom moderate panels and discussions in the future. I would definitely recommend Tom and hope to have him join many more events!
Ashley Barnes
Vice President of Young AFCEA
  • This was wonderful. Wow. Thank you so much for putting this into the conference schedule…I sure learned a lot and will spend time thinking about this perspective when I get back to work. Powerful presentation. Great speaker/music.

  • Great choice of presentation to end the day. The combination of education, story telling and music was excellent. I am recharged by this presentation and reminded not to forget the value of storytelling. The genuineness and love for humanity was felt through the screen. Thank you!

  • Inspirational! So pleased to see others invested in story telling as a means to growth and healing!

  • Favorite session of the conference so far!

  • AMAZING! Best workshop ever! We need to help him get his play published! The play was brilliant!

  • Innovative way to explore the many feelings someone experiences when battling cancer.

  • Beautiful music, Such Passionate Delivery!! Great Testimony!!

  • The presentation on social work, music, and cancer narratives with passion and enthusiasm. It was interesting to see the infusion of social work and music. This is a new approach for my practice.

  • This workshop was a different approach to delivering social work related information. Enjoyed the performance!

  • Excellent! Thank you for bringing this to us!

  • Best CEU EVER!!!
  • Audience Feedback
    Educational Events

    Turning Thirty, The Musical

    There is something really substantial here. The last song ‘I got life and life is good’ created joy in me – a precious thing to earn.
    Tom Key
    Artistic Director of Theatrical Outfit
    Seeing things differently is the guiding principle behind 'Turning Thirty,' which attempts to do for cancer what the Tony Award-winning musicals 'Next to Normal' and 'Rent' did for bipolar disorder and people living with HIV, respectively. Set it to music... Similarly, Willner's score packs emotional wallops along with punch lines.
    Jill Vejnoska
    Atlanta Journal-Constitution
    The musical captures their devotion in 'I’m Here for You' as well as the surrealism of navigating cancer treatment in 'The Battle' between his doctor and cancer personified.
    Clare S. Richie
    Atlanta INtown
  • Fantastic! Such a great show… I would highly recommend it to others.

  • Bravo! Tom and the cast were amazing – what a great show!!

  • I was blown away by the music and the movement of the story. Huge success!

  • Turning Thirty was a blast. Amazing vocal talent …a top-notch cast all around.

  • What a wonderful and moving show.

  • Thank you for having the courage to share your personal story with the world.

  • Audience Feedback
    Turning Thirty, The Musical


    Tom’s diverse stylistic talents truly shine on this. The industry needs more music like his.
    Earle Holder
    Grammy Award Winning Mastering Engineer
    Thank you for composing such an amazing song for our ACS CAN Relay video. It is very inspiring and I know it will help motivate people to join ACS CAN.
    Pam Traxel
    VP, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network
    Thank YOU Tom. Your wonderful music was superb. It set the atmosphere and everyone is still talking about the 'talented and gifted musician'. The selections were 'perfect'. I thank you and on behalf of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., Nu Lambda Omega Chapter....we love you and look forward to working with you in the future.
    Josephine Dillard
    Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.
    Thank you for making our Luminary Ceremony so special these past few years by performing "Every Candle Has A Name!" in person & being such a huge supporter of our event with all the music performance fundraisers!
    Terry Moore
    Moses Lake, WA Relay For Life Committee
    I have been listening to Tom Willner's music since I met him 9 years ago, and continue to be astounded by his extraordinary musicality, his magnificent voice and the great emotional depth I hear in each and every song. He has a tremendous gift as both a pianist and a creative lyricist, and I find myself awaiting each new song or newly arranged cover with great anticipation. Tom's music is a gift...what a talent!
    Julie Buchwalter
    Atlanta, GA
    So much of your music is what I can relate to in my life, so many memories that many of the songs could have been written about things in my life. From Wrong Side of the Door to September. Many songs on Turning Thirty I relate to as a caregiver. Thank you for all you do in the fight against cancer and for sharing your music.
    Donna Anderson
    Moses Lake, WA