Publishing Deal Inked

It is finally official. I now have a two song publishing contract with The Music Library in Studio City, CA. The two songs are “Rescue Me” and “You Are My Storm,” both on my new CD “Rescue Me.” They are also interested in “I Could Always Make Her Laugh.”

The Music Library has had numerous placements with clients such as RCA Records, Warner Brothers Records, EMI, Buddah Bar, Higher Octave, Neurodisc Records, Warner Brothers Films, Tristar Films, ABC, Disney and HBO. So here’s hoping that the next thing I hear from them is about a song placement in a Coen brothers or Pixar film (my kids would think I was a god), or one in the next Grey’s Anatomy. Whatever happens, it’s kinda sweet.

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  1. I received my copy of Rescue Me last week and I must have listened to it at least 20 times. My 11 year old song loves it as well as I do. The songs and the instruments are fantastic and make you want to keep listening for more. I am looking forward to getting more work done by Tom Willner.

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