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In the last few months my music and story have appeared in print and online. I’d like to share those two articles with you.

First, I had my story published by Joel Martin of the Columbia Basin Herald, the newspaper of choice in Moses Lake, WA, which many of you will recognize as the hub of operations for my west coast tour. It was a pleasure to speak to Joel, and I was honored by his article. Click here to read a copy of “Tom Willner: Good Humor Goes A Long Way” from a special Relay for Life edition of the Columbia Basin Herald. Pardon the large file size – it’s a scanned copy (which probably breaks copyright laws). UPDATE: Joel Martin kindly sent me a smaller, cleaner PDF version now linked to instead.

Second, a story about “Turning Thirty,” my show about my experience with cancer, was published online at the “Journal of Family Life,” an online journal published by Emory University. Here’s more about the journal:

Journal of Family Life was created to continue the path-breaking work of the Emory Center on Myth and Ritual in American Life (MARIAL), which is funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. The journal is available only online. It is both scholarly and sophisticated, offering general-interest articles and creative works dealing with how modern families (with an emphasis on the American family) make and transmit meaning in their lives as families through story, myth, ritual and celebration.

Click here to read “Life Is Good,” my story, which also includes an MP3 of my song of the same name.

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