Bleeding Fingers Composer Contest

Recently, I found a contest by the Bleeding Fingers Custom Music Shop called Hans Zimmer Wants You. Hans Zimmer is an Academy Award winning composer whose credits include 12 Years a Slave, Man of Steel, and The Dark Knight Rises. He composed a piece called Destiny’s Door, and posted all of the “stems” meaning all of the individually recorded parts online. The contest is to start with what he made, and create something different and unique from it. A panel of judges will decide who wins, and that winner will be offered full time employment as a staff composer at the Bleeding Fingers Custom Music Shop.

Zimmer’s arrangement was very orchestral, with some voices very hidden in the mix. I decided to feature those voices, bring out the percussion and more unusual sounds, and add some different piano and choir parts. Some of the piano parts don’t even sound like pianos, but I feel all serve the piece well. Here is what I came up with:

If you enjoy it, please click “Like,” comment on it, or share it. The contest is not determined by who gets the most listens, likes, and comments, but I’m sure it couldn’t hurt!

0 thoughts on “Bleeding Fingers Composer Contest

  1. Very cool, really like it!
    Would love to hear you sing a song with that kind of composition…stepping outside the box!!
    Good Luck with the competition!!

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