Watch my TEDx Talk!

I’m super excited that my TEDx talk has posted to YouTube and wanted to share it with you. I talked about my experience with cancer and how I use my story and the music I wrote about it to help drive compassion and connection. You can help spread it’s reach – come check it out, and please click on “Like,” leave a comment, and share it with your network!

“The next time life throws a curveball your way, remember that each of us has the potential to turn our trials into tales of inspiration, and our challenges into a means of connection.

In a world often defined by its divisions, Tom’s journey reminds us of the power of unity, the potency of understanding, and the beauty of empathy. Through his talk, we’re invited to explore how the arts can intersect with technology and education, creating a tapestry that enriches lives and fosters deeper connections.”

– TEDxGeorgiaStateU

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