New Song – Retroactive

If you could choose a super power to have, what would it be? I found myself faced with that quandary in a dream. I came up with an unusual choice, and to appreciate my reasoning probably requires a little background information.

Having spent a significant amount of my waking hours in corporate America, it’s hard not to come across the term “proactive.” Everyone is always talking about being more proactive; to stop from always working in a reactive mode. An authority-type figure, usually wearing a tie or red power suit says “We really need to change how we work to be more proactive. We must anticipate business needs and prepare for them in advance. We can’t afford to spend all our time just putting out the latest fires.” Well, this sounds like an awful lot of work to me. Politicians, on the other hand, have mastered a different approach. They seem much more comfortable with screwing up, then fixing it after the fact (e.g. retroactive immunity and presidential pardons). This strikes me as a much easier, lazier way to solve problems. So when I had a dream about becoming a super hero who got to choose his own super power, I chose to be “Retroactive.” After all, hindsight is 20/20.

Which brings me to this month’s song. The image of a super hero who is Retroactive already has a particular super suit. And a song about a super hero who is Retroactive has to have some cool vintage instruments. Well, perhaps you’re starting to see where I’m heading. So here’s “Retroactive.” Enjoy, and let me know what you think.

The cool retro stereo picture is courtesy of Marcus Vegas on Flickr.

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