The Middle Ages

It has arrived, my 40th birthday. I don’t feel any different. A late night with good friends at Eddie’s Attic listening to music (specifically Lynette Suzanne) and drinking Sweetwater 420 gives me about the same rough feeling in the morning as it did back when I was 39. So why all the fuss over this particular number?

Well for me, it marks 10 years as a cancer survivor, or my 10 year “cancerversary” as I’ve heard it called. And, frankly, that feels pretty damn good.

So I’m celebrating. I took the day off. I’m playing with my new Ipod Touch. I helped my son build a lego bionicle. I met my wife for lunch. I danced with my daughter to “All Mixed Up” by 311. I played a gig at John Howell Park for National Night Out.

It’s nothing like I ever imagined, and everything I could ever hope for.

Many thanks to everyone for all the good wishes and to ansik on for the cool photo.

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