New Video – Urban Blue Performs Tom’s Boogie

I want to thank everyone who came out to my big birthday bash show at the Red Light Cafe this past weekend. With 10th street closed and tens of thousands of people flocking to midtown for the Paul McCartney concert in Piedmont Park, I am truly grateful to the large crew of you who braved it all to come a few blocks over to see me with Urban Blue and celebrate my birthday.

And if you feel like reliving the moment with me, or perhaps would like a glimpse at what you missed, I’ve included a short video from the show of “Tom’s Boogie,” a tune where we truly get to showcase everyone in the band.

Watch it on YouTube   or

Download it to your computer or iPod

I have some photos I will post shortly, and I know a number of you took photos as well. I would love to get some of them from you and post them too. You can contact me or email me here. Thanks again!

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