Turning Thirty Show – October 9th

I’m excited to report that shows number 3 and 4 of Turning Thirty have officially been booked. Pictured here is the venue of number 3 coming up on Friday, October 9, at noon at the American Cancer Society Center in downtown Atlanta. The theater is booked, rehearsals are scheduled, and my awesome marketing machine has begun its churn. (I say that sarcastically, though I now actually do have professional help…) Next week several of us will visit the 400+ seat theater to discuss the logistics. A whole lot of prep goes into one of these shows.

I am planning to give you a bit of a behind-the-scenes look with regular postings so you can see what goes into a performance of this show. This next one will be a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society (ACS), geared toward staff of ACS and all the folks working downtown near Centennial Olympic Park. It will be a musical showcase, with the showtime shrunk to one hour and an optional panel afterwards with me, the cast, and a guest from ACS to discuss my story, the show, and the disease. The one after that will be up in Dawsonville, GA, which will be a full production. Stay tuned for more.

Oh, and by the way, you can get tickets now here. If you are ACS staff, contact me for a special discount code!

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