Fall Fun and Fulfillment

I don’t mind saying that this past week was friggin’ great. Seriously, I had fun and was fulfilled on so many levels. You know, it’s important to enjoy life, doing things you love to do and that are important to you. So I spend quite a bit of time thinking about how to spend my time, which is probably inappropriate unless I really enjoy spending my time planning how to spend my time, which I don’t. (A mentor of mine once said to me “always have a plan, but remember that planning is overrated.” Clearly I was too busy planning to pay attention.) But I digress.

However I managed to pull it off, last week was sweet. Check this out:

I was the keynote speaker at a dinner honoring cancer survivors. I told my story about my experience with cancer and what I now do both with music and working for the American Cancer Society to support the cause. I also performed the song I co-wrote for the Relay for Life Luminaria ceremony called “Every Candle Has A Name.” It was the North Fulton Survivors Dinner, at the lovely Roswell River Landing, funded by the kind people from ADP, with excellent food donated by the kind people from Outback. 

The view, from the deck

My view, while performing music

The event begins

The survivors and caregivers

After many months of effort, my team successfully launched a new version of the American Cancer Society’s flagship website, cancer.org, in an effort to make using the site easier and better.

On the same day, I traveled to Seattle with two great friends and talented musicians to meet up with two more great friends and talented musicians to rehearse late at night for two shows later that week.

Enjoyed a day with friends in Seattle.

Though technically not in Seattle, Adam, Lee, and I stop at a Casino to catch Wade performing with another band.

In front of the original Starbucks. No beans were harmed in the making of this photo.

Sadly, the Copacabana was closed. We were disappointed, though not as much as Lola and Rico*.
Pike Place Market

Ingredients to a new favorite drink. We had more of these than I care to admit.

Crossed the mountains to Moses Lake. Played a show at Michael’s Market and Bistro. Great fun playing with these guys, and an appreciative crowd.

Urban Blue and Friends at Michael’s Bistro

Lee, me, and Adam

Kile and Wade

Halloween fundraiser. Incredible fun to perform with such talented people, to dress up for a costume party, and to raise money for the cause. This event put Terry, Donna, and my fundraising efforts from the past few years over the $50,000 mark.

We’re getting the band back together.

Said band.
The music begins.
My partners-in-crime, Donna and Terry.
Even Lance made an appearance.

Returned home.

Breakfast before heading back.

This week I’m back with my family, goofing with my kids. Soon I’ll be Indiana Jones, hanging out with my neighbors and taking the crew trick or treating. I guess the fun and fulfillment continues.

* – Rico was rumored to have worn a diamond.

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  1. Thanks to you, we received a lot of fun & fulfillment on this end too!!

    Look forward to our next adventure & reaching another fundraising milestone!

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